CIC: Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid

The next style hearing aid we will discuss is the CIC, or completely-in-the-canal hearing aid. The CIC hearing aid is a great choice for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss who want a style that is more discreet. To fit you with a CIC, we take a painless impression of your ear canalContinue reading “CIC: Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid”

Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for Me?

Mobile Hearing Aids created a series of video blogs that discuss the different styles of hearing aids, including over-the-ear hearing aids and in-the-ear hearing aids. In the first video, John Goik details the six most popular styles of hearing aids and the basic features of each. In the remainder of the series, John goes intoContinue reading “Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for Me?”