Our Mission

Mark Goik the inspiration to our mission to becoming Hearing Instrument Specialists.

A passion to help others.

Hearing loss impacts people. Hearing aids, however, can benefit people… WHEN SELECTED AND FITTED PROPERLY. For us, the issue is personal. We grew up with hearing-impaired loved ones. Hearing aids changed their lives, and our mission is to change yours.

Our Story & Mission

The story begins when our Mom began wearing hearing aids at the age of 21. She wore them for 30 years before having bilateral cochlear implant surgery. Mark, our brother, was born with a profound hearing loss and wore hearing aids almost all of his life. Mark tragically passed away in 2006, which left our family devastated and heartbroken.

From east coast to west coast, we each spent time in different parts of the country acquiring a variety of unique skills before moving back to Ohio. Upon returning, our main goal became the desire to help others to better hearing. Hence, we share that purpose for what we do to who we serve (hint: you). We are experts in hearing aids and the latest technology and we are in love with patient care. Furthermore, we are passionate about giving back to people that share a personal connection with us.  

The hearing aid industry needs to change, which is why we started Mobile Hearing Aids. The typical process of helping the hearing impaired is flawed and driven by priorities that are different from what we’ve experienced personally. Our mission is to change the way help is acquired, one patient at a time.  

Mobile Hearing Aids is a patient-first hearing solution company dedicated to honesty, compassion and a desire to challenge the status quo.  Join us for the journey by contacting us right now! Click on the link below to book an appointment or call us at (440) 310-7037.

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