RIC: Receiver-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid

The most popular style of hearing aid is the RIC, or the RIE, the receiver-in-the-canal or receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid. Check out our latest video for more details. With it’s superior sound quality and comfortable fit, the RIC hearing aid is by far the most popular style. In fact, most folks looking for an invisible hearingContinue reading “RIC: Receiver-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid”

IIC: Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid

The smallest of all the hearing aid styles, the IIC or invisible-in-the canal hearing aid is next up in our video series. The IIC is the smallest hearing aid available on the market today, and is a good option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. What it lacks in advanced technological capabilities likeContinue reading “IIC: Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid”

CIC: Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid

The next style hearing aid we will discuss is the CIC, or completely-in-the-canal hearing aid. The CIC hearing aid is a great choice for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss who want a style that is more discreet. To fit you with a CIC, we take a painless impression of your ear canalContinue reading “CIC: Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid”

ITC: In-the-Canal Hearing Aid

Up next in our video series on the different styles of hearing aids is the ITC, or in-the-canal hearing aid. The ITC, or in-the-canal or half shell hearing aid is great for with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. Similar to the ITE, it fits entirely in the ear, but just in the bottom half ofContinue reading “ITC: In-the-Canal Hearing Aid”

ITE: In-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Next up in our video series on the different types of hearing aids is the ITE, or in-the-ear hearing aid. The in-the-ear or full shell hearing aid is a great option for those with mild to severe hearing loss. It’s also helpful for those with dexerity issues, as it’s a larger style that is easierContinue reading “ITE: In-the-Ear Hearing Aid”

BTE – Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

In the next video in the series, Mobile Hearing Aid’s expert John Goik discusses the BTE, or the Behind-the-Ear hearing aid. The most traditional of hearing aid styles, the BTE hearing aid is excellent for all levels of hearing loss, but especially for those with a severe to profound hearing loss. The BTE sits onContinue reading “BTE – Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid”

Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for Me?

Mobile Hearing Aids created a series of video blogs that discuss the different styles of hearing aids, including over-the-ear hearing aids and in-the-ear hearing aids. In the first video, John Goik details the six most popular styles of hearing aids and the basic features of each. In the remainder of the series, John goes intoContinue reading “Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for Me?”

Hearing Aids vs. Hearing Amplifiers

When browsing online for hearing aids, you may come across a low-cost alternative: hearing amplifiers. The video belows breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand. Did you buy a amplifier that doesn’t work? Contact us to see if you can trade it in towards the purchase of a hearing aid 440-310-7037 Hearing amplifiersContinue reading “Hearing Aids vs. Hearing Amplifiers”

Understanding your Hearing Evaluation

Hearing evaluations are important. They’re what professionals use to determine the health of your ears. Chronic noise and aging can both be reasons for hearing loss, so that’s why you should get your ears checked regularly – even if you think your hearing is fine. The video below walks you though an evaluation and howContinue reading “Understanding your Hearing Evaluation”

Supporting Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

For someone suffering from hearing loss, the impact is significant. Potential issues include impaired communication, social withdrawal and emotional problems. As if that isn’t bad enough, hearing loss affects family members, friends and loved ones, too. For these reasons, it’s important to help a loved one struggling with hearing loss.  Ways to help Be patient:Continue reading “Supporting Loved Ones with Hearing Loss”

Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Properly caring for your hearing aids is essential. Doing so will increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your device. Even better, it’s easy! Below are some simple maintenance tips for your hearing aid. If you have questions or need any help, please call us at (440) 310-7037 or click here. Maintenance Tips Handle with care:Continue reading “Take Care of Your Hearing Aids”