Hearing Aids vs. Hearing Amplifiers

When browsing online for hearing aids, you may come across a low-cost alternative: hearing amplifiers. The video belows breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand.

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Hearing amplifiers help people hear sounds that are at low volume or at a distance. They are designed for people who hear normally. In other words, if you suffer from hearing loss, hearing amplifiers are not intended for you.

While hearing amplifiers can boost volume, they’re unable to distinguish between background noise and sounds you strain to hear.

Hearing aids, like the ones offered from Moblie Hearing Aids, are made for people who suffer from hearing loss. They are customizable, long-term solutions that can be programmed for a patient’s specific needs. They help people hear in high frequencies and improve the clarity of speech. 

Patients should take note of comments from the Food and Drug Administration  “Choosing a [hearing aid amplifier] as a substitute for a hearing aid can lead to more damage to your hearing. It can cause a delay in diagnosis of a potentially treatable condition. And, that delay can allow the condition to get worse and lead to other complications.”

When it comes to choosing the best hearing product for you, remember this – a quality device requires fitting by a hearing care professional. Mobile Hearing Aids offers high-quality hearing aids for any budget. Call us at (440) 310-7037 or click here to get started on your path to better hearing.

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