BTE – Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

In the next video in the series, Mobile Hearing Aid’s expert John Goik discusses the BTE, or the Behind-the-Ear hearing aid.

The most traditional of hearing aid styles, the BTE hearing aid is excellent for all levels of hearing loss, but especially for those with a severe to profound hearing loss. The BTE sits on top or behind the outer ear and is fit, via a sound hook, with a tube that directs the sound down into the ear canal. Depending on the size of the hearing aid or severity of loss, the BTE is coupled with either a custom-fit earmold or a slim tube with a dome.

This video is part of series that starts with an overview of the six most common styles of hearing aids. The series also includes a detailed video for each hearing aid, diving deep into the benefits and uses of each. Click here to see all the videos in the series.

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