Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Properly caring for your hearing aids is essential. Doing so will increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your device. Even better, it’s easy! Below are some simple maintenance tips for your hearing aid. If you have questions or need any help, please call us at (440) 310-7037 or click here.

Maintenance Tips

  • Handle with care: Certain parts of a hearing aid are fragile, including the microphone and receiver. Practicing caution will reduce the chances of accidental damage.
  • Change the batteries: Regularly changing your hearing aid’s battery will prevent unexpected power losses.
  • Check out battery contacts: Dirty battery contacts can cause your device to malfunction. Contact Mobile Hearing Aids for inspection and cleaning.
  • Remove earwax from your device: Earwax clogs hearing aids and decreases performance.
  • Change the wax filter/guard: The filter stops wax from reaching the internal parts of your hearing aid.
  • Avoid moisture: Do not wear your hearing aid in the shower or pool or when using a hairdryer or hair spray.
  • Clean your ear canals: You should schedule an ear cleaning with a healthcare professional every six months. Think of this as routine maintenance, kind of like getting the oil changed in your car.

The experts at Mobile Hearing Aids are here for all your hearing needs. Contact us today!

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